A Sprinkle of Cheer

A Homagi inspired charity program for
Mental Health Family Caregivers

As the Holidays are approaching and the spirit of good cheer and extending kindness to our fellow men and women is at the front of our minds, there are many options to give. We would love for you to help us and fulfill your wish to give back this season.


This is the first annual event of "A Sprinkle of Cheer" where family caregivers are sponored by donors looking to bring joy and cheer to others this holiday season. 


A Family Caregiver many times spend a great deal of their time supporting their loved ones on their journey to getting better health. Our Family Caregivers are Mental Health Family Caregivers, which means they help loved ones battling mental illnesses or mental illness symptoms as a result of another long term illness. Some are dementia, and psychosis as in having a loved one with Alzheimer's, or Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders which some people with Autism are afflicted with, There are many differente mental health disorders such as: Schizoaffective disorders, Borderline Personality disorders, Eating disorders, Disassociative Disorders, Tourettes, Anxiety, and depression are but a very few of the many mental illnesses many Family caregivers are assisting their loved ones with. 


Many times Family Caregivers become secondary patients themselves, sometimes battling depression, insomnia, and anxiety in addition to helping their loved ones to manage their illness. 


According to American Psychological Association: "Family caregivers play a critical role in our health and long term care system by providing a significant proportion of the care for both the chronically ill and aging. Estimates suggest that there are currently over 44 million Americans age 18 and older providing unpaid assistance and support to older people and adults with disabilities who live in the community (NAC & AARP, 2004). Further, the economic value of the services that family caregivers provide is estimated at approximately $350 billion annually (AARP, 2007)." 


Many Family Caregivers find themselves finacially strapped due to the obligations at times of their loved ones who may or may not have health insurance, and therefore money to do things for themselves becomes limited or non existent. 


As Family Caregivers ourselves we understand this all too well, which is why we are seeking the help of kind hearted and compassionate strangers to match with family caregivers this season to make their wishes come true. We love to focus on self care items and services but are leaving the details up to the donors and the family caregivers once they are matched. 


We encourage online products for those caregivers outside the bounderies of the donors, but would really like to match donors and caregivers in the same area for a more personal experience. 


Thank you in advance for considering our family caregivers as you give this season. We look forward to your help this 1st Annual "A Sprinkle of Cheer" event. Although we are a non-profit, we are not a 501c3, but we will provide our tax ID for your tax purposes.


Much love and appreciation for all of our donors! 


Kindest of regards,