ANCHORLife is a Recovery based Coaching program for families supporting loved ones with mental illness. 


Because a good support foundation is part of the success in Mental Health Recovery, equipping families with the right tools and coping skills assists them in being the best possible resource for their loved ones. 


Studies have proven when families come together to work in alignment with an effective recovery program, Psychiatry, Psychology and Family Counseling there is a better chance of the loved one battling a mental illness having an easier time with managing their illness. Many families want to help a loved one but find themselves frustrated with the symptoms of the mental illness and in turn giving up on ever having a functional relationship or family structure ever again. With the proper training and support from a neutral party families are able to come together for the common good of and build stronger mental health support teams. 


Families can give up the ideals of the perfect recovery journey and learn to respect and enjoy the recovery journey that is custom fit and uniquely theirs. Failure happens when families are frustrated and it's easy to lose direction and it's easy for a loved one to fall off and relapse. Without the proper support some are lost and trapped in an endless cycle of addictions and self-harming behaviors. We work with families to prepare them for the rough times and encourage them to see the best of times, emphasizing they both serve the family's journey. 


If you are interested in the ANCHORLife program please contact us at: or give us a call at: ​832.301.9517


May your days bless you with whatever makes you successful, and may God bless you real good! 


La Shawn L. Splane-Wilburn, Family Caregiver & Founder of HOMAGI