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One of the cornerstones in a successful recovery is the support one receives when they are struggling with finding the right treatment plan. We understand how important the role of a great "Mental Health Support Team" is, as well as the many different hands required to lighten the load. ANCHORLife is an unconventional method of recovery coaching for families, there are no other programs that offer the level of training and support we do in one inclusive program. We are an International Organization who supports families in their journey to finding a custom fit mental health recovery plan, which is most effective including using whatever makes the family successful; most times unconventional methods. Mental illness is so unique to each individual and family with many factors influencing recovery, some are:


  • Enviormental

  • Chemical

  • Social

  • Economic

  • Cultural

  • Behavioral


Once we found the proper balance with our son we were able to assist from a place of "resourcefulness" which allowed accountability and independence for him, as well as an added element of comfort for us as his Caregivers; knowing we had access to great resources and tools when we needed them because we were prepared in advance. Being proactive empowers the loved one because with the education about their illness, the correct tools for coping with symptoms, and a family educated on how to be of the best support they are more likely to reduce the chances of a relapse. 


When families have the right tools they can achieve much success on the road to recovery with their loved ones battling mental illness, and part of that success includes the "Psych Professionals". When a loved one or a caregiver knows who to call when there is a crisis it reduces the stress on themselves and on their loved ones. 


The ANCHORLife Resource Directory gives the family caregiver accessibility to the help they need in a crisis or in care management.


Yes there are other directories out there but what makes the ANCHORLife directory so unique is our Family Caregivers learn just how important having a great "Psych Professional" is to their family’s success and ultimately their peace of mind, which results in the family working with the "Psych Professional" reducing unnecessary conflict. Through our coaching program families learn to support, empathize, and coordinate with all members on their "Mental Health Team" and that includes: 


  • Physicians

  • Psychologists

  • Psychiatrists

  • Therapists

  • Social Workers

  • Counselors

  • Religious Organizations


As with any relationship it takes work and understanding, which we encourage often. In order for the "Psych Professional" to be of the best service and to make the most impact there is a level of cooperation that must be accomplished. That is part of the unique nature of HOMAGI and the ANCHORLife program. 


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