MH Life Skills Classes

PROACTIVE is a tool. If you are prepared for life after diagnosis you are able to be of the greatest support to a loved one battling mental illness. As a survivor being proactive takes the edge off what to do when things don't go quite the way you planned, having a backup plan and people who love you get on board is all part of your mental health recovery & success...

Managing your life and the life of your loved one in addition to other commitments can be a challenge...

When your house is in order it makes life a lot less stressful. Managing your home as a Family Caregivers brings it's own challenges; add to that assisting a loved one who may find it a challenge to manage their finances and day to day lives while maintaining thier independance and you may find yourself in a whirlwind of pressure and added stress. Our workshops assist you in communicating effectively with your loved one and workshops to assist you in assisting your loved one in management of life commitments. 

Banking Effectively - Using direct deposit & Electronic bill pay

Living Within a "Budget" - Putting a reign on "Impulse purchases"

Creating a Functional Home Environment - Communication to Organization

Managing Stress - Self Care, Anger Management & Meditation

Career Transitions & Learning A New Trade - Capitalizes on your the Positives of your MI

Managing your stress and learning to create a "calming environment" for you to have a "get away" when needed is very important. Learn how to create your "peace". 

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