MH Life Skills Classes
Client Consumer

Recovery from a Mental Illness is very challenging. Your hardwork pays off when you are on your own once more and feeling the ground beneath your feet...

Learning to live with a mental illness can be very challenging. After the diagnosis and acceptance the most important part of your journey will be gaining new coping skills and life management techniques; doing so lessens your stress and increases your productivity. Mental Health Life Skills classes give you the tools neccessary to acheive optimum physical & mental health, the importance of self-care, return to work, seek employment, manage your everyday life and schedules, create and meet personal and career goals. Structure is your best defense. 

(HIL) Healthy Independent Living


Healthy Independent Living is a focus on household management & day to day life commitments support.


Some examples are: Interacting with consumer specific personnel(Psychiatrists, therapists, group meetings, 12 step, AA meetings, parenting, anger management) responsibly and on time. Educational commitments (GED, Vocational) completed, Mobility (Using public transportation etc.), physical health management, personal grooming & self-care, as well as social interaction assistance & support. All of these skills are taught with an emphasis on the Client Consumer living independently. In home support also available. 


(HVFM) Healthy Vocational & Financial Management


Healthy Vocational & Financial Management is a focus on refining existing skills or learning new skills in order to gain employement and the management of "monies" as a result of working.


Utilizing direct deposit & auto bill pay to reduce the access to and the to ability to impulse spend. An assessment of existing skills and abilities help to guide the client consumer in matching skills with employment search and securing employement; which results in self sustaining and successful independent living. 



(HSL-IH) Healthy Supported Living - Independent Housing


Healthy Supported Living - Independent Housing is onsite personnel managed housing for client consumers to put into practice all HIL & HVFM skills. 


The six - month monitored program is awarded after successful completion of the HIL & HVFM progams.


Client Consumer pays 3% of their income for rent  and is assisted in searching for permanent housing at the completion of the program as well as assistance with first months rent and furnishing of the new home.