Community Guidelines


Knowledge is power, community is strength, and positive attitude is everything.  - Lance Armstrong

A place to speak openly and honestly about our experiences is golden, it offers us an emotional outlet at times which we need in order to get through our challenges. I created this community with that exact intent in mind, to offer mental health caregivers a place to talk and share experiences that not only help us but help others. 

Mental health caregiving keeps us on an emotional roller coaster on our best days so it's easy to understand someone coming on and being very  "emotionally charged" and sharing an experience and it being taken out of context or feelings being sensitive due to other negative encounters we may have with a loved one, a medical professional, insurance company, family members, or spouses. In a perfect world there would be rationale at every turn and we would never say something that may offend another but we don't live in a perfect world. We live in a world that is full of cyber interactions and it's easy to misinterpret something typed or to say things we wouldn't normally say without constraint because the other person is not right in front of us.

All of these factors make it a challange to interact online with such an emotionally charged subject such as Mental Health, but it can be done. Caregivers have a level of resiliency that allows them engage in even the most highly charged conversations and be able to de-escalate them before they get "out of hand". I ask that you consider the feelings of others when engaging here. Consider that cultural differences as well as the effect that the mental illness has on our loved one may not effect someone else the same way, so saying "I don't know what your loved one is experiencing but I can tell you that is not a symptom of the disorder" may just be a personal opinion versus a fact. Scientists and Mental Health researchers and professionals are still puzzled by the effects that a mental disorder can have on individuals, hence the inability to give the same medication to patients who have the same mental health disorder because biologically they may not respond the same way or have the same success or failure. 

Respecting that everyones biology is different, including family members, allows us to see each person with their own set of struggles and respect their abilitites and inabilities. 

I don't like being the cyber police, it takes up too much time, valuable time I could be using to find more resources and programs to help us all, as well as everyone here...I imagine don't want more challenges piled on top of all of the other commitments we all have. 

Respect goes a long way and I want every caregiver to have a voice here, we have so much to contribute to one another on this journey so feel free to be as open and as transparent as you want to. This is a closed community and private amongst the members we do not want screen shots of discussions between members to leave the community understanding this is a possibility, and we cannot garauntee that every member is here for positive contribution. 

I read somewhere online, "don't say anything online that you wouldn't say outloud in a crowded room", which kinda cancels out the private community and private conversation concept. Like I mentioned above I created this community for caregiver support and community, I want you to use your own discretion. 

Here are the guidelines

The following will get your comment deleted:

  • No slurs. No exceptions.

  • No epithets

  • No name calling

  • No bullying

  • No race baiting. If we notice a pattern in your comments as a "baitor" or troll behavior we will block you. If you are a first time commentor and it's a race baited comment you will be removed immediately. This hopefully will discourage "trolling".

  • No Jokes about someones physical appearance or comments about the physical appearance or mental illness of someone.

  • No hate speech towards women, men, or negative words or attacks regarding the LGBT community.

The following will get your account deleted:

  • Engaging continuosly in any of the above actions after warnings.

  • No calling people crazy, lunatic, dumb, stupid, retarded, slow or any other similar words.

  • No calling people names like guillible, weak, sorry, or any negative words intended to degrade someone or thier experiences. 



It is at my descretion to ban anyone I think is detrimental to the community and it's members. The goal is to provide a positive and supportive atmosphere for caregivers, that is what I will strive to maintain. If you feel this is an enviorment to restrictive for you please don't hesitate to back out and not create an account. I consider this community therapeutic for us all, a place of refuge and that's not possible if we have people who bully, make people feel small, or belittle people for having experiences different than our own. 

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this community. May God bless us all.