Rent Relief & Utilities Assistance

Caregivers seeking assistance must schedule an appointment

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*Please call for an appointment:

(832) 481-7166

Monday - Thursday 9AM(CST) to 4PM(CST)

Friday 9AM(CST) to 12PM(CST)

*See below for qualifications for assistance

What is required for assistance?

NOTE: Applicant must be a Mental Health Family Caregiver who resides in Houston,Texas, Harris County.


This is a Structural Respite & Relief program to reduce harm of Black People, including LGBTQ+ communities, caused by Systemic and Structural Racism. Systems which can create barriers to assistance and delay necessary resources.


Our SHORT TERM GOAL is to alleviate suffering by providing assistance with housing through rental payment assistance, paying for temporary shelter, and paying utility bills.(Houston, TX - Harris County)


Our LONG TERM GOAL is providing affordable housing, assisted living facilities, rental relief and assistance, paying for temporary shelter, utility bill assistance, food assistance, and/or assistance with paying for medication and mental health therapy(Nationally & Internationally). To become an employer providing jobs and training programs to assist persons returning to the workplace after mental health recovery, or finding employment after incarceration


Please note we are accepting applicants at this time but are waiting for funding so there will be a waiting list. Although we would like to address immediate assistant requests we are creating a list of individuals and families in need, and once the funds are available we will contact applicants to submit required documentation. If you cannot supply your documentations at that time,or we are unable to reach you at the phone number, message number, email provided, or your alternate contact method of choice(DM/FB Messenger) we will place you on a "hold" list and move to the next family on the list. 

Thank you for your patience and we are working hard to provide assistance to you. See below for qualifications and necessary documents:

Requirements & Documentation


You must be a Mental Health Family Caregiver


Proof of address:

  • Clients can prove their residency with a bill no older than 30 days or a piece of mail postmarked within the last 30 days with the client’s name and address.

  • Please note:  Emergency assistance from BMHFC4Justice is limited to those who live in Houston, Texas, Harris County at this time.

  • Depending on the type of aid needed, you may be required to provide one or more of the following documents: 


  • Driver’s License or Picture ID for each adult

Proof of Need:

  • Current lease agreement and Vacate/Eviction notice

  • Utility Cut-off/Disconnection notice


Proof of Household Income:

  • Most recent pay check stubs (30 days)

  • Verification of employment form

  • Unemployment benefit printout

  • Food Stamp/TANF award letter

  • Social Security Disability/SSI benefit letter, Survivors benefits

  • Child Support Payment history printout