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Welcome Caregiver,

at a time when there is so much going on around us we can feel overwhelmed at just the daily tasks required to get through. Feeling out of control is a normal emotion right now. Caring for a Loved One with a mental illness can feel even more overwhelming than it usually does. Being a Black Mental Health Family Caregiver, at a time when more and more information is being released about the demographics of this COVID-19 Pandemic impacting the BIPOC communities, specifically Black and Latinx people. Feeling lost and a constant, nagging feeling of no control over our future as we watch one more announcement or read one more article about COVID-19 updates has become a normal occurrence for many of us. 

At a time when the already scarce resources for Mental Health Family Caregivers and our Loved Ones are even less accessible. A trip to the emergency room not only can trigger our Loved Ones, and us, who are rightfully concerned about contracting the virus. It can also bring about a level of increased anxiety for us as Caregivers worried about how a Loved One may react to knowing we cant be there to support them because of hospital policies under this pandemic which restrict being accompanied by family or friends. A Loved One in crisis right now comes with so much more risks and anxieties. As Black Mental Health Family Caregivers ourselves we also understand the added concerns that come with a Loved One in crisis right now. 

We want to let you know we understand and that you are not alone in what you are facing or experiencing. 

Thank you for being here,

La Shawn L. Splane-Wilburn - Founder