I'm looking for people who are living with a mental health disorder, caring for loved ones with a mental health disorder or who assist persons and families coping with the negative symptoms of mental health  disorder. Register now

Understanding the dynamics that go into living with or living with a family member or friend who has a mental health disorder requires a certain amount of compassion, patience, understanding and discipline. Many times we struggle with setting bounderies and with placing our own needs and wants on the back burner while we care for a loved one. 

I would like your help in creating a community that helps to support and offer resources for mental health caregivers as well as offer alternative solutions because as we know there is nothing conventional about mental health recovery, it's different for every idividual and every family. Support systems are in place for so many other caregivers who are assisting loved ones through various forms of physical illnesses and mental illness is no different, if you are living with or caring for someone with a mental disorder you understand there is also a physical side to it. Mental health caregivers deserve to have our own personalized support tools as well.


There is a "secret" group on facebook and you must have the link in order to find it. Once you register I will email the link for you to join and we can get started. Thanks for your help.