National Family Caregiver Month 2020.JPG

November is National Family Caregiver Month!

Every November since 1994, according to "National Family Caregivers" says it began to promote the idea of a month to recognize what used to be called "informal" caregivers. The intent was to raise awareness about the importance of Family Caregivers. We appreciate their advocacy and activism. 

Thank you Caregivers for your commitment to a quality of life for your loved one on what can be a very challenging journey. 

As an organization for Mental Health Family Caregivers it's important to us to amplify the awareness for "Mental Health Family Caregivers" and the many unique challenges we face. 

Given the current social and political climate we are in, it's important to talk about how certain policies and lack of resources greatly impact Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. 

Please stop by this month to see the Blogs and other informational resources we will share. 

With much respect and gratitude for you, 

La Shawn Splane-Wilburn, Founder