• La Shawn L. Splane-Wilburn, Founder of Homagi

Welcome to 2015!

Welcome to 2015! Last year is now one day behind us and before us are 364 more. There is much to learn, much to do, and many opportunites. How we view our lives in this moment will determine our success. We and only we possess the ability to make this one of our best years yet.

What have you decided will be different from this year than last year? One of the worst mistakes you can make is not to set any goals for yourself. You may start with something simple like, "...getting out of bed everyday at the same time, and having a healthy breakfast after which I will walk for 30 minutes..." Do that for 3 weeks and then add another goal. As you become more comfortable and your confidence in your ability increases you can add the next level of "increased difficulty goals". Sometimes just knowing "How To Set Goals & Achieve Them" makes the journey a bit easier. Once you set your goals then "How To Follow Through/Persist With Your Goals" ensures you don't give up and gives you the tools to stay on course.

What are your spiritual goals? Try "Transformed Session 1 (My Spiritual Health)" a series by Pastor Rick Warren.

Have you tried meditation? This may be a good time to start.

Please stop by often and check out our upcoming events to assist you and your loved one in living a full and wholesome life inspite of mental illness. We understand the challenges but most of all we understand your courage and willingness to fight and LIVE! You are not your diagnosis, you are not just a Family Caregiver. We are here to help you Live Independantly, Live Openly, Live Fully...

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