A Single Parent is defined as, an individual who cares for children without another adult in the home. Single Parent Caregivers face a unique set of challenges, as they have multiple roles. 

Finding resources and accessing care for a loved one they care fore can have additional challenges. A Single Parent Caregiver may not have the assistance of family, friends, or community making it even more difficult to navigate this road of mental health recovery and management with a loved one. There is little to no information at times for caregivers about resources and the available programs a caregiver could utilize to help make the support of a loved one more manageable. 

I was a single parent for 14 years and although my son didn't have a diagnosis at the time, I now know I was a caregiver for him. Working a full time job, attending school, and with 3 other children to care for with no help was very stressful. Had I known about resources and had the ability to take advantage of them it could have changed the quality of my family's life. 

I'm aiming to have more resources here on the site for caregivers that apply to their unique needs. Stop by to check out or you can join the newsletter email list to be notified of new resources here on the site. 

Having as many resources as possible to help our Caregivers is Homagi's goal. Stop by here to find updates on what's going on the world of Mental Health Caregiving in the news. We will gather information we find, and you can access it using the  "Baby Boomer Mental Health Family Caregivers" chat room in "CareFULLY" our Mental Health Caregiver Community. Google and local resources are options as well. 

Support from other mental health caregivers is a great way to find ways to cope. Hearing from other Caregivers how they have made it through or what they've gone through can help immensely. Just to know you aren't alone, and to find other resources you may not know about otherwise. Homagi's "CareFULLY" is an online mental health caregiver community where you can find other caregivers who are also on this journey. Take a tour of "CareFULLY" here.


Therapy for caregivers is a great tool and investment, and some organizations offer free counseling and mental health family caregiver support groups like NAMI's "Family to Family

Single Parenting & Caregiving

"Roughly 8 million (17.7%) Caregivers are Single Parents

- National Alliance For Caregivers, Supports For Single Parent Caregivers: Review of Existing Literature

"There are spiritual parts of ourselves that play a critical role in health and healing. Listen to your heart, for it's in your heart where that felling tells you, "I'm not quite where I want to be." Once you hear that, honor it. Then you can begin to do something." 

- Dr. Marcellus A. Walker, founder of the Center for lifeline Health, and medical director of Wayne Woodland Manor (From: Blessed Health the African American Woman's guide to physical and spiritual well being by Melody T. Mc Clound, M.D. and Angela Ebron

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